Wireless Network Setup & Installation

The Site Survey

Site surveys come in a variety of shapes and forms.

Predictive Wireless Site Survey is typically done on paper using information provided by the customer. It’s purpose is to predict the likely number of and placement of radios throughout a facility to achieve the results a customer requires.

Passive Wireless Site Survey is used to measure the signal strength throughout a facility, as well as to determine sources of interference that could degrade wireless performance in real life. It is used to identify and solve problems in existing wireless environments, as well as to verify coverage and throughput capability in new installations

An Active Site Wireless Survey is typically performed in larger, potentially more complex environments to provide the best assurance of complete, reliable coverage that meets the customer’s business needs

With more than a decade of wireless survey experience in a wide range of environments, we’re confident we can exceed your expectations while meeting your budget.

Provisioning, Security, Configuration and Deployment

In addition to site surveys, we can also help with the setup and configuration of both your wireless infrastructure and your wireless client devices. Moreover, we can help bring your staff up to speed so they’re ready to take over day to day operation and management We can also make recommendations for  and help to implement the wireless security measures critical in today’s complicated environment.

On-going Support

Is also available on either a situational or contractual basis.

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